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Jiri Entertainment Productions (JEP) & Filmová Akademie Miroslava Ondříčka in Czechia, EU (FAMO) partnership

JEP Film Academy students whom pass exams (basic, intermediate, advanced) will obtain JEP certificate and are automatically eligible to be admitted to FAMO.

JEP Film Academy 6 weeks course:

  • Basic (2 weeks)

  • Intermediate (2 weeks)

  • Advanced (2 weeks)

The first week - theoretical

The second week - practical / shooting

You will learn how to communicate and work efficiently with others in your film crew.

Choose one of these 5 departments:


  • how to direct your film and work with actors and crew

  • how to choose and cast your actors

  • how to pick the right music for your projects

  • learn about safety


  • how to write a compelling story with actual meaning behind it


  • how to work with cameras and all accessories

  • the visual storytelling

  • how to work with director

  • learn about safety


  • how to assemble your shots and psychology behind editing

  • how to collaborate with a director and cameraman

  • how to work with sound


  • how to budget your film and what obstacles and challenges come with it

  • learn about safety


  • stunt performer

  • stunt double

  • stunt actor

  • fight choreographer

  • assistant stunt coordinator

In stunt department you train and work with professional stuntmen. You will learn about the most important thing in the stunt business - safety.

The first week - you train in a gym

The 2nd week - shooting action scenes on location


Course Study: 4 hours / daily

Online Homework Study: 4 hours / daily

Contact us for more info about courses.

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